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Tamil Name: seeragam
Spice Type: Essential Spices
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Cumin seeds, prized for their unique flavor and aroma, have been an integral part of Indian cuisine for ages, lending their essence to various kormas, masalas, and soups. Possessing both an aromatic fragrance and a slightly bitter taste, cumin serves as a versatile condiment, enriching curry powders, breads, cakes, and cheeses. Whether used ground or whole, cumin imparts an earthy warmth, enriching stews, soups, and gravies, while also finding a place in pickles and pastries. This globally cherished spice is a cornerstone of South Asian, Northern African, and Latin American cuisines, embodying its Sanskrit name "jiraka," meaning "that which aids digestion," and offering medicinal attributes as a stimulant, carminative, stomachic, and astringent. 

Quantity: 100
Tamil Name: seeragam
Spice Type: Essential Spices
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Our flavors are not just authentic; they're nostalgic. They bring back the memories of meals made by grandparents, recreating the traditional taste that has been passed down through generations.
Karisal Masala's innovative formulation, which requires less masala usage while preserving the taste, sets them apart from competitors. This can attract customers who want to enjoy rich flavors without wasting excessive quantities of masala.
Our products are crafted to deliver the comforting taste of homemade food. Each spice, each masala, is a tribute to the love and care that goes into home cooking, bringing you closer to the flavors you cherish.

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