Black Cardamom

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Tamil Name: Katu elam, Periya yalam
Spice Type: Exotic Spices
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Often misconstrued as an inadequate alternative to green cardamom, black cardamom shines in hearty meat stews and similar preparations, offering a distinct essence. Distinct from green cardamom, these pods impart a unique smokiness due to their traditional open-flame drying process, making them ideal for savory, spicy creations rather than sweets. While its smoky aroma subtly enhances other ingredients, black cardamom's true fragrance isn't prominent in the final dish; gently crushed pods intensify flavor without overpowering, striking the perfect balance for culinary excellence. 

Quantity: 20
Tamil Name: Katu elam, Periya yalam
Spice Type: Exotic Spices
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Our flavors are not just authentic; they're nostalgic. They bring back the memories of meals made by grandparents, recreating the traditional taste that has been passed down through generations.
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Our products are crafted to deliver the comforting taste of homemade food. Each spice, each masala, is a tribute to the love and care that goes into home cooking, bringing you closer to the flavors you cherish.

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